About Us

Williamson Young operates on an expert network basis. Founding member Brian Hunt has over 20 years of industry experience in starting, growing, changing and improving financial services and technology business of all sizes. Through his years of experience, he’s assembled an extremely powerful network of industry experts from several verticals, including technology, legal, finance, human resources and startup accelerator services. By operating as a collaborative network, Williamson Young is able to maintain a low cost of service while offering access to some of the best people in the industry. After personally consulting with each client to understand their specific needs, he’s able to assemble a world-class team that works together to deliver results.

Williamson Young focuses on three different verticals, beginning with strategic HR consulting. Typical engagements would be workforce planning and staffing, talent assessment and development, post-merger integration, organizational realignment and development, compensation planning and employee engagement issues.

The second area of expertise is executive and technology recruitment. Although this is often incorporated along with our HR consulting assignments, it is also offered as a stand alone service.

The last area we specialize in is startup accelerator services. This incorporates all of the services mentioned above, as well as additional benefits which include access to funding, risk management, facilities, and infrastructure.

Regardless of the size or state of maturity of your business, Williamson Young can be a cost effective and valuable partner to help you grow, change and improve.